Day 3

Jesus—fact or fiction?


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Jesus is a fact of history. Secular historians record His birth, life, death, burial, and even His resurrection as He was seen by hundreds of eyewitnesses after the fact.

Many theories have been put forth to dispute and disprove the witnesses to Jesus’ resurrection, but none of them can stand up to close scrutiny.

One objection is that the apostles and the early church deliberately lied about Jesus being raised from the dead. We are talking about people who died for their faith in Jesus. A lot of people will live for a lie, but few will deliberately and willingly die for a lie.

Regardless of what you think about Him, Jesus is a fact of history.

Today’s Questions

Many people would live for a lie, but few would be willing to die for one. What are you willing to die for? What do you believe in that you would be willing to give up everything for?

Do you believe that Jesus lived?

Do you believe that Jesus died?

Do you believe that Jesus was resurrected? Is it possible that someone can come back from the dead?

Today’s Challenge

Is Jesus a historical fact? Or is He just a fictional character?

Today’s Tweet

“Many may live for a lie, but few will die for a lie.” — Adrian Rogers

ToMorrow’s Topic

On day 4 we will investigate what the Bible says about Jesus.

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“...we have come to believe and know that You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”

JOHN 6:69

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